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Wendy’s Doing it Right on Twitter; Let’s bring Twitter back!

If you haven’t quite heard of Wendy’s Twitter humor, don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you. It is safe to say, however, that it definitely didn’t hurt their follower status.

It all started with Wendy’s tweeting about normal promotions and sales items. Unfortunately, a troll online via Twitter decided to poke the corporate bear by poking seemingly harmless holes in their marketing tweet. Wendy’s decided not to be passive aggressive¬†and actually respond back to the so-called McDonalds fan (which we don’t find out until a little later). Find a nice little wrap-up of the event in the pic below ūüėČ All I have to say is I have respect that their Public Relations person took the time to carry on a massive roast on the person, actually “apparently” causing the troll to delete his account. Talk about justice! also finds some of the golden gems that Wendy’s has been tweeting throughout the day, as not only is their PR on the ball with come-backs, but they are also updating constantly.

If you’re looking for someone to follow on Twitter, whether you are public relations, ad, or marketing (or none of the above but want a good laugh!) make sure to follow them immediately.

Does this alienate¬†their older following by relating more to the millennial generation? Possibly. I believe that their PR and marketing team, however, have a very strategic way of reaching all audiences. Wendy’s might need to appeal to their younger food-eating audiences and what better way than to participate in their culture? Memes, witty humor, and all things roasting are a great way to reach their intended audience. While some older audiences might think of these tactics as radical or conforming, Wendy’s is able to captivate a larger audience, especially since the millennial¬†generation are the ones who do the most online sharing, talking, spreading of information they find worthy. Just ask¬†Alonzo Lerone¬†whose viral video hit 1 million views and was spread all through the internet, all for talking about the humorous¬†Wendy’s Twitter roastings.

While you can’t please everyone, I think Wendy’s to continue to please a large majority. Keep the funny tweets coming my main squeeze @ Wendys!

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