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Denny’s Social Media is GOALS

Wait, isn’t Denny’s that American diner place? Yup! You know how you know? Their social media presence. In fact, according to Mashable, Denny’s received over 100,000 likes on Twitter for catching on to the “zoom in on the nose” meme circulating the social media platform.

Let’s break it down. Denny’s Diner, as some may know, is an American food franchise that serves good ol’ classics comfort food for 24 hours day, every day.

At first glance, their Tumblr page is a bit quirky and eccentric. It is evident, however, they the very idea of their company is a food diner, as their page is comprised of whimsical pancake images and even has a floating diner as their background. The outreach for their post has a high average for consumer post. The social media coordinator of this Tumblr page answers questions and can relate to their millennial audience (as they are the main users of this platform) with a cheeky attitude. These post, which can range from a couple of hundred “notes”,  by either a person “liking, re-blogging or both actions” to that particular post, or as large as 1 million notes. One million notes is even an impressive amount for those who blog every day as well. This further exhibits the massive outreach of Denny’s Diner on the social media of Tumblr.

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Moving on to Twitter, their Twitter page is equally as unique for a company Twitter. (in case you haven’t realized from the above tweet mentioned in the intro.) Through their accurate use of a bio, users can easily identify the company’s purpose and demonstrate their diner values. The “tweets” are also almost always relative to diner food or the customers they serve to. The outreach for Twitter is a little less than on Tumblr, but this could be due to many other companies also having a Twitter, as compared to not many companies have Tumblrs. They still have a decent following on Twitter, however, with almost 300,000 followers. Their recognition of a good post is viewed by “retweets” and “likes” but can also receive replies. Their average post receives a couple of hundred “likes”, with less “retweets.” On the good post however, they can get as many as five-thousand plus “retweets” and even more “likes.” With the quick wittiness of their social media coordinator for Twitter, they can accurately reach a multitude of people, even more than just the millennials. Now that Twitter is evolving, a myriad of people now use this website, which increases Denny’s odds of outreach as opposed to Tumblr. In this sense, Twitter is more compatible to reach the entirety of their masses.

Denny’s Diner’s use of social media platforms further extends their reach to people of all ages and allow the companies to learn its following and better relate themselves to their audience.

Keep on tweeting and blogging, Denny’s! Cash me on Twitter follow’ Denny’s @ HaleyCarsonPR 😉 Annnndddd. I’m done. See y’all soon!

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