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Chilis Makes Office Reference and Rocks Twitter With Response of Ban Removal

If you’ve ever heard of that show, ya know, called The Office (sorry Brits, I’m talking American version) that is commonly watched by college students such as myself. However, before it landed on Netflix it aired weekly and captured millions of American’s eyes and TVs.

Since it now lives on Netflix, the series is watched constantly and references are almost always assured to reach a wide audience. For those lucky people involved in the “Cult of Celebrity”, Jenna Fischer, the actress who plays Pam Beesly a main character in the show, makes a lovely and comical reference to her character’s lifetime ban from Chilis restaurants on her Twitter. Fans reacted with retweets and favorites, encouraging Chilis official Twitter to respond.

With a strong fan support and PR team, Chilis swiftly made The Office reference tweeting “We hope you felt God tonight.” This caused another swirl of fan emotional tweets and responses to both Jenna’s official account and Chilis official account, which is covered in depth by Refinery29. A great PR move by Chilis to not only interact with a celebrity with a big fanbase but also to make a reference to a widely popular TV show. I know fans like myself love to see references to our favorite shows being played out on social media, which is why the Meme culture is such a widespread phenomenon on the internet.

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With the high involvement of Twitter fans and viewers of the show, Chilis restaurants finally lifted the ban of 11 years for Pam Beesly, in which Jenna hilariously tweeted “OMG! Second drink!!!” as another The Office reference. I hope Pam doesn’t fall off the stool this time and that she enjoys her many years eating away at Chilis!

Image from Twitter as a response to Jenna’s humorous tweet



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