Always #LikeAGirl Campaign Sparks Uplifting Chain Reaction of Advertisements

In a new era of advertising, where it seems women are constantly being degraded for public consumption has taken a more positive turn. Advertisements hold immense power in public buying habits, whether they would like to admit it or not. While some choose to simply project their product or idea to the world, some companies and brands aim to spread awareness to serious societal issues.

Always, a feminine product line that targets young pubescent consumers, has been on a mission for 30 years to stop the devastating blow to girls’ self-esteems during puberty.¬†Always, with its launch of the #LikeAGirl campaign in 2014, began to inspire its future consumers of girls between ages 10-12 years old, and were also able to maintain a tight grasp on its current market of women of all ages. This campaign was rooted on the idea that Always was going to rebrand the tired insult of “like a girl” and make it an inspirational message for those going through already a touch transition of puberty. Puberty is where some girls’ confidence takes the biggest hit, so Always being able to turn a negative connotation of a phrase and make it something new and promising is a new turn for advertising.

While most know, bringing awareness to societal standards and issues is not the motivating factor for some companies, it is beneficial to both the buyer and the consumer to have advertisements that share a positive message. With the forging of puberty without sacrificing confidence, Always feels that girls can appreciate this model by depicting real pubescent and older women with this mindset, so that they can continue to work towards a more positive puberty experience all the while promoting Always as a company. While the message was intended for a certain demographic of pubescent girls, Always felt that the campaign could raise awareness of this issue, and rebrand the insult of “like a girl” into something motivational.

It was discovered during a case study that purpose-driven ads are more inclined to succeed. Why is this? The consumers want to be treated with dignity and respect. Women are subjected to societal advertisements schemes at times, but Always wants to change this habit. Always wants to inspire millions of girls, all with a simple message being projected through their brand. While this uplifting message resonates with consumers, they are more inclined to think about the ad when buying products, which is why a more impactful message will be well received for both consumers and companies. Not only does the campaign itself encourage discussion (it has a hashtag in the name for social media connectivity purposes), but it also encourages an adoption of a positive change to societal values. Always continues to build a bridge between the consumer and the brand, which is why the #LikeAGirl campaign, and the brand itself is being so widely accepted across the world.

– Haley C.

2 thoughts on “Always #LikeAGirl Campaign Sparks Uplifting Chain Reaction of Advertisements

  1. 11-13-2018 I saw your full-page advertisement (for Always products) while waiting in my doctor’s office. Routine checkup. The model was an African American person – with beautiful long, strong legs – in “platform” shoes. The copy read “fiercest”. It was me – when I was young. Now, I am a “senior” woman – who practices Yoga poses daily – for Degenerative Disc Disease. Please respond (by Email) and state who the model is. Also, where can I see the advertisement – on the WWW? I am so impressed! We, truly – have come so far. I only cited my About web page -so, you can see my creds – to make this statement. I am now retired. My daughter works for the USA-FBI. She is also an attorney – in Washington D.C. – and, she is very “fierce”. I will have granddaughters. They will use Always products.

    1. Hello, I’m so sorry for the late response!! I wish I knew the answer to this. It seems the girl was brought in as almost a focus group, so the girl is not an actor nor model. That is very sweet about your devotion to the brand. I will certainly respond to your email stating the same things. Sorry I could not be of any more help but I will certainly link you to the video. So kind, thank you for your comment and I wish you well with your DDD. I am pursuing being an attorney myself, so thank you for sharing. Talk to you soon via email!

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