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Apps for You, Apps for Me! Five Favorite Fast Food Mobile Apps

As promised from my previous post “Everybody’s Doing It: The Transformation to Apps!” I am fulfilling my duties and recommending the five best fast food mobile apps that I have experienced. I will also include other people’s thoughts because they might know more about it or have different inputs.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Chick-fil-A’s “One” app

Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t I do this one last time? Not really. I touched base on it, but I would love to dive deeper into why this app is one of my favorites! The Chick-fil-A app is one of the ones I know you can order through the app and beat the line. Isn’t that brilliant? No lines, no rude working people (who are more than likely just stressed, no matter how many times you say my pleasure..), and no waiting! Cutting is awesome 😉 You know what else it has? A reward system. Yup, just like Chilis, it rewards customers for the more times they eat at Chick-fil-A! Pretty wicked, huh?

2. Whataburger App

Oh Lord, I love Whataburger. (Sorry for y’all non-southern folks!) Since I love Whataburger so much, what’s not to love about the app, too? The app allows people to load cash from their credit/debit cards, so in case you want to make a transaction but forgot your wallet (it happens!) you can just use the app! Another fan favorite is the reward/loyalty system. I have a reward waiting on my app now, actually! Just go to Whataburger five times, and then you can choose from a plethora of rewards such as a Honey-Butter Chicken Biscuit, onion rings, a milkshake, or more!

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3. Sonic App

Sonic has swept the country in full motion. Now with their app, Sonic lets you know about the newest deals coming up with notifications enabled! Also, the nearest restaurant locations services allows users to see where the nearest selection of yummy slushes and food is! According to KrazyCouponLady, Wacky Packs are always $1.99 with the app! Cheap food? Count me in! Lastly, there is a cute little informational about sonic on the app which gives it a more personal touch.

4. Which Wich App

I Love me some sandwiches! Which Wich allows online ordering which is always ready for pick-up. Again, skipping lines and not waiting is always a plus and it’s already paid! This feature is good for a busy college student who can walk from campus and have it right there! Also, it’s nice to have somewhere to always give feedback for a service provided by the restaurant, which is another feature of the app. Oh, and you can always look at the menu, maybe for food selections, or ya know if you’re just browsing some delicious-lookin’ sandwiches, no one is judging!

5. Domino’s Pizza App

Okay, I might have cheated on this one, but honestly, I had to look to my dad for this one. I have something to confess… I don’t like pizza. If I had any other option besides pizza I would take it. Oops. I’m sure I just rocked your world, as I get the same reaction every time. Anyway, I look to my dad because he LOVES pizza, and I needed a little guidance. He says the app is extremely easy to use with online ordering and it pretty much always being ready from the app order on time. That’s refreshing! Guess that’s why it has over 5,000 reviews on the app and four stars on the app store!


If you’ve read my “about me” page, I confessed I love food. Well, how awesome is it that I can write about food AND technology? So glad I got to sneak this little gem in my writing. 😉 Stay tuned for more information and if you see this, comment what your favorite apps are, food or not!


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