About Me

Hola, Hello, Hi There!

You’ll learn a lot about me from my posts, but I’ll help you out a bit.

(nice to put a face to a blog, huh?)

THINGS TO KNOW: Haley. Dallas. Blogger. Public Relations. Boomer Sooner. Gig’ Em Aggies (prev.)

Age is just a number, but let’s just say I’m in my twenties 😉 I love reading of all kinds (that includes learning and research!), writing of all kinds (social media content, fiction, nonfiction, blog entries, and more) and good ole’ fashion TV/Netflix watching! I am hopelessly obsessed with a plethora of shows, music artist, social media accounts, celebrities, movies, and more. Ask me, really. I will probably be able to tell you more than you want to know!

I’m currently revving up for law school after graduating from OU in 2019 with a PR degree, so that’s why I’m a little nerdy when it comes to tech and communication in the pop culture world. I have a busy life and a long journey ahead of me, with a crazy family to keep my life entertaining.


  1. Writer
  2. Reader (Always on the quest for more books, recommend me some!)
  3. Health Nut (I say this, but don’t worry I taste a lot of yummy food!)
  4. Personal movie, food, & music critic
  5. Avid shopper (peep my ideal clothing selections, etc .from time to time!)
  6. Obsessive and organized traveler

I am also very hard to predict as well so random posts occasionally might pop in on my blog. I can’t help it, I’m sorry!

So, all that said…will you join me in my quest for happiness?


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